Marius Gheorghe

Marius Gheorghe

Developer, Team Lead, Software Arhitect

Bucharest, Romania



Screenshots from some of my projects :

Short summary

I'm a full stack software developer, team lead and software architect working mostly in .NET, with more than 15 years of software development experience. I have arhitected and implemented complex software solutions in different fields like health care, ecommerce, electronic signatures etc.
I have experience in managing development teams using agile/waterfall methodologies and working on the full development cycle from business analysis to devops.

Work Experience

2013 - current, Senior developer / Team lead at Xyzmo

I'm leading a small team of developers working on a electronic signature SAAS solution. My responsibilities include software arhitecture, development, managing the development team in Bucharest and product management.

Technologies used : C#, TypeScript/JavaScript, mvc, soap/wcf/webapi, EF, SQLServer.

2010 - 2013, Senior developer / Team lead at Seesmic

At Seesmic i've worked mostly on mobile apps in the social media sector. I've implemented and shipped one of the first apps for the Windows Phone platform (Seesmic Social) . I've also worked on Salesforce CRM (a Salesforce CRM client for Windows Phone).
Other notable projects include Seesmic Ping for Windows which was a WPF client for the Seesmic Ping service. After Seesmic closed, i've worked for World Economic Forum on their Windows 8 modern UI application (the app is available here)
My responsibilities for these projects included software architecture, development, project planning and managing the development team.

Technologies used : C#, Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone SDK, WinRT, sqlite.

2009 - 2010, Senior Developer / Team lead at Collabrian

I've lead a small team working on projects in the mortgage industry for SupremeLending :
- Loan Distribution : Windows application for Supremelending which integrated with Encompass 360 and did automatic underwriter distribution. I worked alone on this project doing everything from the initial business analysis to development and deployment.
- A1 : internal web application for managing appraisals and client/seller collaboration for the mortgage industry. I did the initial business analysis, built a functional prototype for the client and then did project management and development for the implementation.
- Barnett Shale: Windows application for managing clients and trials. I worked alone on this project doing everything from the initial business analysis to development and deployment.
- ProgramFinder : Web application which integrates the leading application in the mortgage industry : Encompass and DataTrac. For this i did project management and development.
Technologies used : C#, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, EF, SQLServer.

2008 - 2009 , Senior developer at Formula Solutions

At Formula Solutions, i worked on TotalView , a workforce management software. I've designed a plugin system for TotalView and wrote plugins which allowed TotalView to interoperate with a host of 3rd party communication/telephony/email servers providers like Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus, Novell GroupWise, TDC, TeliaSonera.
Technologies used : C#, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WCF, SOAP, sockets.

2007 - 2008, Senior developer at SteveMadden

At SteveMadden, i worked on the ecommerce platform which powered , one of the largest USA clothes retailers. I have design and implemented software which supported most of the company operations (e-commerce, warehouse, stock management, integration with partners etc).

Technologies used : C#, ASP.NET, NHiberante, LinqToSql, JavaScript.

2006 - 2007 senior Developer at ScriptServer

At ScriptServer , i worked on Tradepoint.NET , a large enterprise e-commerce solution which was interoperable with many ERP systems (Microsoft Navision, SAGE, QuickBooks etc).
My contribution to the project were the overall arhitecture, implementation of the plugin system which allowed interoperability with multiple ERP systems, designing a public API for integration and implementing the generic e-commerce solution functionality.

Technologies used : C#, MSMQ, ASP.NET, JavaScript.

2005 - 2006 Senior Developer, TechTeam Akela

At TechTeam Akela, i worked on a outsourced application for Meter2Cash . It was a enterprise application which provided meter reading management and invoice calculation, production and distribution.

Technologies used : ASP.NET, JavaScript, C#.

2005 Senior Developer, Normand Informatique (collaboration)

At Normand Informatique, i worked on InstrumentConsole, a Windows application for the healthcare industry. My contribution to the project was writing the inter-operation layer for a medical analysis device, business logic and helped with the implementation of a internal O/RM.

Technologies used : C#, Windows Forms.

2003 - 2005 Senior Developer, WestRapidSoft

At WestRapidSoft i was the development team lead on WestTaxe , a Windows business application for tax management used by city halls. My contribution to the project was business requirements analysis, implementation and data migration.

Technologies used : C#, Windows Forms, SQLServer.

2001 - 2003 Developer, ACIGrup

At ACIGrup, i worked on ACIHotel a leader in the hotel management software market. Also i have helped migrate from VB6 to the .NET platform and designed and developed 3 successful business applications: ACITPV, ACICast and ACIPerito.

Techologies used : C#, VB.NET, VB6, SQLServer, Access.

1999 - 2000 Developer, CIMEC (part time)

I gathered the requirements and built a internal application for CIMEC, which allow the management of the cultural patrimony.

Techologies used : VB6, ADO, SqlServer.

Management Experience

I have experience managing development teams using agile (SCRUM/Kanban) methodologies and waterfall. I like working in small teams and i am a product oriented kind of person. Also i do business analysis if it's needed.

Technical stuff

Programming Languages :

C#. My "default" language, i've started working with it in 2000 when the Beta 1 version of the .NET Framework was released.
JavaScript / TypeScript (good).
F# (okeish).
C (beginner).

I'm proficient with multiple IDEs (Visual Studio, #Develop, MonoDevelop), SCM systems (Git, Mercurial, SVN, Vault, TFS) and multiple programming paradigms : functional, OOP, procedural. distributed systems(SOAP/REST/WCF and .NET Remoting).

Platforms :


I worked on applications using Win32 API, Windows Forms, WPF and WinRT. I'm very familiar with Windows "lower level" details like windows message pump, GDI+, threading etc.


I do both client and server side. On client side i worked with multiple frameworks/preprocessors like LessCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, jquery, react.js, vue.js etc etc . On the server i did development using ASP.NET WebForms/MVC, Silverlight , WebAPI, NancyFX and some node.js . Preffered client side combo is TypeScript + vue.js


I have experience developing for Windows Phone 7/8 (i shipped one of the first Windows Phone apps) and with Windows modern UI (WinRT). Also i did some mobile development using Apache Cordova.


- RDBMS: SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
- NoSQL : RavenDB.
- Database query language: SQL 99, TSQL;
- Object Relational Mapping tools: Entity Framework, DataBlock, NHibernate.
- database design, optimizations.


Microsoft Certified Professional for Developing Microsoft Windows Based Application with Microsoft .NET Framework.
Microsoft Certified Professional for Developing Web services and Server Components with C#
Microsoft Certified Professional for Developing Web Applications with C#

Other stuff/projects worth mentioning

- i have a bunch of open source projects on GitHub
- Shopkeeper is a ecommerce platform that i built.

Personal Strengths

- 15 years of experience in the software industry, researching , designing and implementing large projects.
- a C# / .NET Framework expert.
- responsible and quality conscious.
- hard working and dedicated in meeting the business objectives.